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Wednesday, 13-December-2000 11:15:21 EST

Saratoga removed from ad campaign

GE had included city on list of those that voted against dredging of PCBs

Gazette Reporter

SARATOGA SPRINGS - General Electric Co. has agreed to remove the city of Saratoga Springs from its advertising campaign against dredging of the Hudson River to remove PCB contamination.

 The corporation has been running advertisements in the region for several months. The ads reflect the company's opposition to a multi-million dollar federally ordered cleanup of PCBs dumped in the river prior to 1977. The ads also list local governments which have voted to oppose the dredging.

 Mayor Kenneth Klotz said he requested the city be removed from the ads after several constituents asked why Saratoga Springs was taking a position on the subject.

 "It's really a matter of clarification," said Klotz. "The city has never taken a position."

 Saratoga Springs was included in the ads listing communities which have voted against dredging because the Saratoga County Board of Supervisors approved a blanket resolution on behalf of local governments.

 "The Saratoga County Board of Supervisors has no authority to speak on behalf of the city in this or any other matter," Klotz wrote to General Electric.

 Company spokesman John Haggard responded that General Electric will remove the city from its ad campaign, but asked for the opportunity to have the company's opposition to dredging brought to the council.

 "Please let me know if you or the Saratoga Springs City Council would be willing to listen to GE's views on the issue of PCBs in the Upper Hudson River.

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