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The '60 Minutes' Interview/
Did he really say all that?
Prince or Pig: 
What will Welch's legacy really be?
The following excerpts are taken verbatim from an interview with G.E. chairman John F. (Jack) Welch conducted by '60 Minutes' correspondent Lesley Stahl, and broadcast on the C.B.S. television network on Sunday evening, October 29th, 2000: 

Lesley Stahl: (Voiceover) "....We asked about a 25-year-old controversy over G.E. polluting the Hudson River."

Dr. Welch: "It's all about that company that did something---in the dark of night--- that dumped!.  The word ‘dump' is used.  We didn't dump.  We had a permit from the U.S. Government and the State of New York to do exactly what we did.  Do you think I'd come to work in a company that would do that, or condone that?  I wouldn't do it, Lesley!  This is nuts!"

Then looking off-camera, as if to an advisor in the same room, Dr. Welch added: "I hope I didn't get too heated up on that."

Further on in the interview, commenting to Ms. Stahl both on his legacy as his G.E. tenure draws to a close and upon the cyclical nature of the public's perception of his business style:

Dr. Welch: "I was there---getting beat up and bashed around.  You go through cycles--- prince to pig---prince to pig---prince--- I think I'm going to make it right out the door as prince, I hope, if you don't do something to me."

(To visit the '60 Minutes' Web site and its accompanying story about Dr. Welch, click here!)


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